If I Could Work from Anywhere . . .

As bad as it gets

That's easy, I would work from right here where I am. Actually I do work from anywhere when I take one of the three or four vacations I take every year, from my laptop with remote control software to run my home computer over the Internet. My wife takes a while to get ready for some of the adventures we go on, so I get a few minutes a day to keep up.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where the scenery is gorgeous all year long and the weather is tolerable most of the time. Oh maybe a week a year we get a little snow, but we have real seasons and as they unfold each year they provide some breathtaking vistas every time the seasons change.

Then add the fact that 9 of our 12 grandkids live close by and you couldn't get my wife to move if you brought a D9 Cat to try pulling her out. We are both very happy right where we are.

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About Warren Contreras

Just an old retired guy having lots of fun online. What sets me apart is, I would rather teach you to fish than have to feed you forever.
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